Thursday, October 14, 2010

The national rate of 99.5% administrative villages

Reported in the newspaper exceeded 2006 goal of the project villages, the country has 24 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to achieve all the objectives of administrative villages in the phone based on the Ministry of Information Industry recently issued a call to carry out works in 2007 villages notice beating "villages" campaign of drums, required the telecommunications industry around the strategic goal of building a new countryside ride on the momentum to continue fighting hard for one year to the end of the national rate of villages reached 99.5%, in the development of rural communications, rural information technology to achieve new results, to a new height.

This year our project villages have three major tasks: the country has been striving to achieve during the year of basic telephone villages with power supply for the 3296 opening of the administrative villages without a telephone call, by the end of the phone percentage of administrative villages in the country reached 99.5%; actively promote the natural villages engineering, research projects developed villages to the villages of the overall objectives and implementation of extension programs, step by step to start the natural villages engineering work; a positive and pragmatic construction of rural information, and promote all types of information such as the Internet platform to the rural extension, and further strengthen the promotion of information technology applications in rural areas, villages and peasant households do information work.

2007 administrative villages have not yet opened the phone more difficult natural conditions, construction villages difficult than ever. Ministry of Information Industry in maintaining "Fenpianbaogan" based on the same general principle of administrative villages this year a reasonable allocation of project tasks. Ministry of Information Industry asked the telecom industry work together to lay the villages tough fight: requirements related departments of the Authority and relevant communication well organized, and vigorously promote and actively relying on local governments to ensure that this region is not power the phone off the work of the successful completion of the administrative villages. Requirements related to the telecommunications companies to continue to carry forward the indomitable fighting spirit, increase enforcement, take effective measures and effective technical means, to lay a good tough fight; request the relevant telecommunications company based take on the role of local enterprises to increase the support efforts in the capital, technology and performance assessment and so strengthen their commitment to villages around the project tasks and support grass-roots enterprises tilt to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and the successful completion of the annual tasks.

The circular urges all relevant communications and Building Authority to seize the new countryside, the rural information technology as an opportunity to actively strengthen communication and consultation with the local government, for various preferential policies and financial and other support. Ministry of Information Industry will further promote the establishment of universal service fund, universal service subsidies with easy to use real money, and gradually establish and improve long-term protection of the rural communication system.

This year, our country accelerate rural information service platform and information Tuiguangyingyong Fangmianyeqiang step forward: the year will Jiben achieve Dongbudiqu broadband coverage Dao Xiang Zhen, east, central region to Shang Wang Xing Zheng Cun, towns west of basic Jubeibohao Internet conditions; At the same time, will enhance the content development and the rural grass-roots information site building, promotion of township information station + village information service point model + rural information workers. SCDMA, and in rural areas using other effective, economical new technologies, new applications, to promote the rural characteristics of information service model, to explore suitable for remote rural areas, new means of communication and information services.

It is reported that China's telecom industry projects for villages and rural villages of information technology related programs have been implemented, natural villages of specific projects during the implementation of the program also will be introduced.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blizzard: "StarCraft 2" continues to stand by the end of 2009 for sale

Blizzard may be rare that our commitment and look forward to Starcraft 2 on sale this year
Before from Wall Street analysts speculated that Activision Blizzard's games in order to avoid the sale at the same time the adverse effect, which may be Starcraft 2 delayed to 2010 for sale. IGN seek confirmation on this matter to Blizzard, Blizzard issued an official response immediately following a response to the full text.

We have remained in 2009 as the end of StarCraft 2 release date. Beta testing the same and no change, or in the summer. So the final analysis, all plans changed. We have been looking forward to release at the end of the game. If you plan to change, we will let you know.


We're still targeting The end of The year for The launch of StarCraft II and We're also still targeting this summer for The start of The beta, so none of that's changed on this end. We're still looking to ship The game by The end of The year. If that changes, We'll let you guys know, but that's how things are looking right now.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

TechCrunch: Chrome OS or threat of Android

Introduction: U.S. tech blog TechCrunch, wrote today, Google will launch next year's PC operating system, Chrome OS only support network applications, and hopes to simplify the user experience in this way, but this strategy may make application there for way too simple so a threat to Android.

Following is the text of the article:

Since Google announced Chrome OS development since the developers, competitors and industry observers are discussing why Google needs two operating systems: Android and Chrome OS. Chrome OS projects in Thursday's conference, Google said, Chrome OS will not support Android applications.

But as TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington (Michael Arrington) said, Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) said the first iPhone (mobile Internet) will not support third-party applications, but third-party applications iPhone has become the most important advantage. Google, however, there is good reason: they want Chrome OS can support the network application, so the system will only focus on the development in this area. Since then, Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) also commented on the same issue: "We can say we are wise businessman, but ... ... I believe the network platform is a much simpler way. "

The following is the vice president of product management at Google Sang Dapi mining (Sundar Pichai) answer the question about Chrome OS:

Q: Android Market (Android Marketplace) is a very important business, so can the Chrome OS Android applications run on it?

Google product management vice president Sang Dapi mining (Sundar Pichai): Chrome OS is an independent system, all our efforts is to develop network applications have, including the online version of Photoshop such products. Android applications not currently running in the Chrome OS.

Q: When the iPhone is released, Steve Jobs has made similar application on the network's remarks. You will face in the future certain pressure, so Chrome OS support Android applied?

Paper adopted: We are currently developing web applications only. iPhone slightly different, because they will self-developed applications. We do not do this, Chrome OS all the applications are network applications. This web application is very suitable for the Internet.

Sergey Brin: "We can say we are wise businessman, but we do focus on user needs, rather than other enterprises and other interest groups strategy. Users have real needs, ways to simplify the use of computers . Today, users can easily buy a price from 300 to 400 U.S. dollars in the Internet this, you can even buy 5 sets of the Internet this at home. However, the current situation, you want this to be managed on the Internet is very difficult. management software alone will make you feel headaches. "

He added: "We believe the network platform is a much simpler way, this way, the hardware device will not be the software to contain, but can still run. And the process will be very simple to use. Since this is the very important market demand, we also want to meet this demand. "

Because they do not support Android applications and other applications, so web applications became interested in Google Chrome OS application the only way. Chrome OS aims to build a Web application to use the application users in the future the only way. This also gives us Android applications and future development of iPhone applications are curious about, after all, everyone knows that support Chrome OS phones to market only a matter of time.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DLL gray dove release type articles of the back door of the signature changes

Gray dove is a very good remote control software, users are also many, and therefore the major object will kill soft kill. Newer pigeons with DLL to achieve the main function code, which increases the invisibility of the program, but also increased the difficulty of amending the signature. For all of the features from an EXE file to complete the program, such as pigeons and WinShell like the old version, only need to modify the EXE itself, either; while for run-time DLL file version is released, not only have their own signature EXE file (usually in code segment) and DLL also contains a large number of signatures. Therefore, modify the general process is: Export DLL, modify the DLL, DLL into EXE, modify EXE. The following is not a gray pigeon packers server version 1.05, Kaspersky's signature, for example, explain in detail the modification process. He Koushui, prepared for the grass.

DLL file export

Get the server files, the old rules, the first detection, alarm Kabbah found Backdoor.Win32.Feutel.a. Export server contains the following DLL, gray pigeons used in the official tutorial is ResHacker, but I prefer to use PE Explorer. Open the server document, click on the toolbar of the "Resource Viewer / Editor", will display the tree structure of resources, including RCData? MAINDLL that we need to export the file.

See PE Explorer has automatically determine the resource is a PE file. In MAINDLL right click the icon and select "save resources as", you can export the MAINDLL resources. What do the following? Start modifying it? Do not worry, MAINDLL there are two DLL needs to export. Then open the newly exported resources, can be two DLL, the name is actually very straightforward, a man named HOOK, called GETKEY.

Both were export DLL, use Kaspersky detected about the alarm found Backdoor.Win32.Feutel.a and Trojan-PSW.Win32.KeyLogger.c. Here, the basic idea should be identified, first modify the HOOK and GETKEY two DLL, then import the MAINDLL, and then modify the MAINDLL the code contains the signature, after the completion of the original server into EXE files, last amended EXE file contains the signature code! Can not back down, let's step by step.
Changes HOOK
This is the first time we modify the DLL, but the DLL file EXE file format and common no difference in fact, is a standard PE file, if you read the first two locators on the signature to use the article, then there should be no operation problem. Our thoughts remain: manual positioning to determine the scope of signature in general, automatically determine the precise location positioning.
Open the CCL, set to manual, generated 300 files, then open the HOOK, do not select any paragraph, replace the entire file, and other procedures, all documents generated after the prompt, use the Kaspersky folder on the target detection and alarm files deleted, the final results are as follows:
Location Results ------------- ------------
Serial number starting offset size of the end of the shift
0001 00000000 000002B8 000002B8
0002 000140D0 000002B8 00014388
0003 0001479C 0000015C 000148F8
Following the CCL is set to automatically detect an interval of time is 7 seconds, when the input detection section 0002 and 0003 data added to the column to be detected.

If you're careful, you will realize the two are actually in the CODE segment offset, this illustrates the location of the majority of signatures are present in the code in. OK, for automatic detection, the process would not say in detail the operation of animation in the past have provided anti-black, the final positioning results are as follows:

Location Results ------------- ------------
Serial number starting offset size of the end of the shift
0001 00014193 00000015 000141A8
0002 000141A9 0000002A 000141D3
0003 000141D5 0000002A 000141FF
0004 00014200 0000002A 0001422A
0005 0001422C 0000002A 00014256
0006 00014257 0000002A 00014281
000,700,014,283 0,000,001,500,014,298
0008 0001479C 00000015 000147B1
Really a lot, a total of eight. Changes where? My experience is: try to modify the code, to avoid modify the string and the data, because the changes which must be everywhere call it the instructions are so changed, and a specific meaning in uncertain situations are prone to error, is not recommended.
Look at the first, we use IDA to disassemble on the HOOK, and then find the 00,014,193, which is the memory offset 00414D93 (where can I write small tools: offset converter, the input file automatically calculate the memory offset offset), the code is as follows:
CODE: 00414D91 dd offset off_413FB0
CODE: 00414D95 dd 64616D0Bh, 65646F43h, 6B6F6F48h
CODE: 00414DA1 align 4
Obviously, this is some of the data, we do not even know its meaning, to modify is really no start. Then look at the first two, the code is as follows:
... ...
CODE: 00414DAD xor edx, edx
CODE: 00414DAF mov [ebp + var_18], edx
CODE: 00414DB2 mov [ebp + var_8], edx
CODE: 00414DB5 mov ebx, eax
CODE: 00414DB7 xor eax, eax
CODE: 00414DB9 push ebp
CODE: 00414DBA push offset loc_414F97
CODE: 00414DBF push dword ptr fs: [eax]
CODE: 00414DC2 mov fs: [eax], esp
CODE: 00414DC5 xor eax, eax
CODE: 00414DC7 push ebp
... ...
Second Department appears all assembly instructions, you modify it. What method? I introduced the first two "command sequence transform" and "universal jump" two ways, of course, can be used first to make full use, where we also used the method transform command sequence. Note that the instructions with black, we change the order of these two. I still used to modify the file OllyDbg, as can be instruction-level operation, you can also use a binary editor.
Open with OD HOOK, OD will be prompted to "open the DLL, whether loaded with Loaddll" point OK, and then came to 003E4DA7 Department. Here again the question, why have opened with IDA, the location in which it has now become 003E4DA7 00414DA7 it? This is because the DLL loads, load base address is variable. Tell you a load in the OD of the base address of the Method of judging. Click the toolbar OD M, will show all of the current process of memory modules.

According to load our DLL name to find the location, the figure can be seen 00.4 million has been LOADDLL to occupy, so can only be made with HOOK to 003D0000, and accordingly, in IDA's address needs to lose a difference (00.4 million -003D0000) to get the address of OllyDbg.
Will swap the order of the instructions of the blackbody, modified as follows:
003E4DB7 55 push ebp
003E4DB8 33C0 xor eax, eax
Then save the changes, then Kaspersky to detect what the revised HOOK file, and sure enough, HOOK has been free to kill, is not it amazing, just three bytes changed or you have!
Changes GETKEY
Following the second DLL, and the same process and modify HOOK, not detailed, and describe briefly the process: manual positioning of the results are as follows (build 300 files):
Location Results ------------- ------------
Serial number starting offset size of the end of the shift
0001 00000000 000002BC 000002BC
0002 000095B5 0000015E 00009713
0003 00009DE9 000000AF 00009E98
9DE9 95B5 and then automatically locate the two paragraphs, the final results are as follows:
Location Results ------------- ------------
Serial number starting offset size of the end of the shift
000,100,009,621 0,000,001,500,009,636
0002 00009637 0000002A 00009661
0003 00009664 0000002A 0000968E
0004 0000968F 0000002A 000096B9
0005 000096BB 0000002A 000096E5
0006 000096E6 0000002A 00009710
0007 00009E40 0000002A 00009E6A
Total 7, pretty much. The same principle, as revised assembly instructions, to avoid the strings and data. This time, luck, the first paragraph is 0001 assembly instructions:
003DA221. 68 34A63D00 push RC_Data_.003DA634; ASCII "<"
003DA226. 8D95 ECFEFFFF lea edx, dword ptr ss: [ebp-114]
003DA22C. 8B45 F8 mov eax, dword ptr ss: [ebp-8]
003DA22F. E8 68FEFFFF call RC_Data_.003DA09C
I believe amending the Directive has not beat you a few, will exchange about the order of three sentences:
003DA221 68 34A63D00 push RC_Data_.003DA634; ASCII "<"
003DA226 &
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sold 250 million shares of Stone would definitely quit Sina Sina

Stone finally to "opt out" Sina has taken a key step - Stone Group Holdings recently held its Extraordinary General Assembly, through the authorized management to sell in the market of 250 million shares of Sina shares held, representing the entire issued share capital of about 4.96%.

However, the official said, there is no plan to sell at any time or any shares in the group did not receive a grand or any person the shares to their contact.

鈼?total of nearly 200 million U.S. dollars cash

In fact, this year in February, the wind in the most compact Sina shares big time, Stone Group Holdings had issued a notice said it will sell all of Sina shares held by hand, even a rumor that the grand secret has four-way contact. Although the four-way head of the section of Wing Kei since repeatedly denied the "intent to sell," but the industry generally believe that this is just a smoke bomb.

According to industry calculations, according to Sina on February 28 ended within six months of the average closing prices, the four-way sale of these shares will receive 72.99 million U.S. dollars in revenue. Before that of February 2003 to February 2004, Stone had 15 shots and has cash Sina shares, total access to more than 100 million U.S. dollars in revenue. This means that nearly a year ago, Stone shares from Sina's cash amount to nearly 200 million U.S. dollars!

However, the four-way board of directors is expected to present to sell the remaining shares of Sina, may have a negative impact on the Group, but the next sale will not result in financial impact on the Group.

鈼?Sina was a four-way "cash cow"

The Stone and the section of Wing Kei, the Sina may be a most rewarding investment.

This Just look at Stone Group Holdings Interim Report 2004 know: the first half of 2004, Stone Group Holdings's operating profit was only more than 2900 million, and obtained through the sale of SINA shares of non-operating income reached 101 million Hong Kong dollar. This shows that Sina as if Stone's "cash cow."

Concerned that if the attention of Stone Group Holdings's financial statements and earnings will find that Stone's income statement within operating income is the loss of basic, mainly by operating income to cover, but the source of operating revenue is the sale Sina Equity investment income received. Obviously, Duan Yongji been using investment income to subsidize the Stone Sina, even in supporting Stone quite to this day.

鈼?relatively calm response to the relevant market

Perhaps the market had anticipated a four-way sale of SINA shares, the reporter found yesterday, the Nasdaq stock market, Sina, and no significant change: the U.S. local time on April 12 closing price of 29.43 U.S. dollars, more than 5 days fell about 6% before the decline, the performance was still fairly steady. The Stone Group Holdings in Hong Kong-listed shares, almost unchanged.


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SuperBurner Flash to iPhone

SuperBurner Flash to iPhone is the fastest DVD movie to iPhone video converter software so far in the world. and reliable tools for DVD MPEG2 video to iPhone video format video conversion. Almost all kinds of DVD formats was supported by SuperBurner Flash to iPhone. With Flash to iPhone Converter, you can convert almost all kinds of Flash to iPhone video (mp4) format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. SuperBurner DVD Movie to iPhone Video Converter supports single-step conversion of DVD video into iPhone-ready MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

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Avex DVD to Zune Video Suite

DVD to Zune Video Suite

Avex DVD to Zune Video Suite is an All-in-One & One-Click solution to create Zune movies from DVDs, TV shows and home Videos. The software combines both DVD to Zune Converter and Zune Video Converter in one package at a great discount.

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