Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blizzard: "StarCraft 2" continues to stand by the end of 2009 for sale

Blizzard may be rare that our commitment and look forward to Starcraft 2 on sale this year
Before from Wall Street analysts speculated that Activision Blizzard's games in order to avoid the sale at the same time the adverse effect, which may be Starcraft 2 delayed to 2010 for sale. IGN seek confirmation on this matter to Blizzard, Blizzard issued an official response immediately following a response to the full text.

We have remained in 2009 as the end of StarCraft 2 release date. Beta testing the same and no change, or in the summer. So the final analysis, all plans changed. We have been looking forward to release at the end of the game. If you plan to change, we will let you know.


We're still targeting The end of The year for The launch of StarCraft II and We're also still targeting this summer for The start of The beta, so none of that's changed on this end. We're still looking to ship The game by The end of The year. If that changes, We'll let you guys know, but that's how things are looking right now.

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